Teachers and Liaisons: Troubleshooting Mentor Matching

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How do I cancel hanging invitations?

*NOTE: You will be asked to provide a reason for removing this invitation, but this is not necessary. You are welcome to leave the text box blank, or leave a simple, polite statement, such as "I have not had a reply from you in 3 days, and we need to get moving on our projects. I hope you are able to mentor with another teacher during this session."

I messed up and invited too many mentors!

As noted in the "Cancel Invitations" guide above, you will be asked to "customize reply to the user(s)" for the cancellation. Here is where you can leave a polite, brief note to scientist mentors that you've accidentally invited too many mentors and now have plenty for your teams.

If you have invited more mentors than you need, and they ALL accepted your invitation, you can find the email addresses of the extra mentors in the "Member Status Report" and contact mentors individually. You can download the report by clicking on the "Export Data" button (green, upper right corner of "Member Status Report" tab).

I can’t find any appropriate mentors!

Before contacting the PS Staff, here are a few of the questions we'll be asking you:

  • Are you logged in to the PlantingScience platform while you are trying to search for mentors? Often, if a user is logged out of the website, the options for mentors are limited, due to profile preferences. We continue to work on this, but in the meantime, please be sure you are always logged into the website.
  • Have you tried working with your liaison? Sometimes liaisons are willing to assist in finding and inviting mentors to the group.
  • Are you getting error messages when you try to find or invite mentors? If so, we will need screenshots of those error messages so we can better help you.
  • Are you having trouble with the filters in the Mentor Gallery? Use the filters on the left side of the gallery page to find suitable mentors:

We understand that sometimes the right match is tough to find. You can always contact the PS Staff at psteam@plantingscience.org if you have tried all the above options and are still having difficulty finding mentors.


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