Star Project - Power Plant Girlz

Power Plant Girlz

Nominated by Kate Eisen, Graduate Student at Cornell University

What makes this a star project?

This team did a really great job of responding to my comments about developing specific hypotheses for how different colors of light would affect photosynethesis. I think that they learned a lot about how the light spectrum works, which I think is a challenging topic to wrap your head around. This knowledge is best reflected in their final powerpoint, which includes a lot of great information and solid scientific design. In addition to clearly presenting the results and analysis of this experiment, the students also directly placed their findings in a larger context by providing information about the latest solar panel technology. I feel like in this way, the students were really curious and expanded their knowledge beyond the scope of this specific project.

How can other teams learn from what this team has done or how they have gone about their project?

These students asked a number of good questions initially, and once they decided on a research question, they looked up references and used critical thinking to come up with specific hypotheses for each of their experimental treatments. After analyzing their results and drawing conclusions, the students also connected what they learned to something bigger, the development of more efficient solar panels.

Check their interaction with their mentor and class liaison:

And here are some images from their project pages: