Star Project - Team Starchild

Team Starchild

Nominated by Dan Maclean, Teacher at Service High School

What makes this a star project?

This group did a truly outstanding job recording their ideas and organizing a tremendously complicated data set. They had duplicates, control, and varied the intensity of light and plant type that seeds were exposed to. With 10 seeds per wicking bag, they were able to accurately measure and, crucially, keep track of, hundreds of data points each day. They did this monumental task with teamwork and organization. Each person within the team had a definite job, but they all worked on the same google spreadsheet and were able to work together. Since each person was in charge of their own wick bags and page within the spreadsheet, it was a fast task at the end to organize the dataset for analysis. This was a smooth operation that truly shows the value of organization and cooperation.

Check their interaction with their mentor and class liaison:

And here are some images from their studies: