Star Project - The Grow-Nothing Party

The Grow-Nothing Party

Nominated by Sharon Harris, Teacher at Mother of Mercy High School

What makes this a star project?

This team worked incredibly well together, posted updates as directed, had a well-thought-out question and hypothesis, and learned the importance of problem-solving when one aspect of their experiment went awry. Without any help from me (I knew they could fix their problem on their own), they tried various fixes that didn't work and finally decided they would have to change their initial experimental design. They ran multiple trials (many that produced no usable results) and didn't give up, discovering that scientific experimentation requires patience and diligence.

How can other teams learn from what this team has done or how they have gone about their project?

The Grow Nothing Party ran into issues with their experimental design and this required much experimentation that resulted in unusable data. They didn't give up, tried again, and finally found experimental parameters that tested their hypothesis and produced data they could analyze. The Grow Nothing Party learned the important lessons of patience and diligence during experimentation.

Check their interaction with their mentor and/or class liaison:

And here are some images from their project pages: