Star Project - NFA Courtsunis Team 4

NFA Courtsunis Team 4

Nominated by Katherine Holmes, Graduate Student at Cornell University

What makes this a star project?

This team completed the leaf disk assay in the photosynthesis module. They asked great questions about how to search the literature to develop a hypothesis. They also showed me their lab report, and made great improvements to the introduction to contextualize their project.

How can other teams learn from what this team has done or how they have gone about their project?

This team asked great questions of their mentor! First off, they were thoughtful about how to formulate predictions for their experiment, and asked for help with a search of appropriate scientific papers and other vetted online resources. Second, they worked with their mentor on their final lab report, and broadened and contextualized the introduction to make the process of photosynthesis and their research questions clear.

Check their interaction with their mentor and/or class liaison:

And here is a data table from their report: