Star Project - GEHS Beardsley Hr7 Team1

GEHS Beardsley Hr7 Team1

Nominated by Karen Beardsley, Teacher at Glenbard East High School

What makes this a star project?

This group designed and developed their experiment after careful research about their chosen organism. In response to scientist questions and suggestions they revised their design. This group also maintained neat, accurate and complete data throughout the experiment. (They are currently in the process of evaluating data with ANOVA and preparing a poster for presentation.)

How can other teams learn from what this team has done or how they have gone about their project?

Team 1 efficiently used the interaction with their scientist to improve their experimental design. They took very seriously the daily upkeep and data retrieval of their plants. This group also maintained careful observations and data records throughout the experiment.

Check their interaction with their mentor and class liaison:

And here are some images from their project pages: