Star Project - SHS Maclean Team 5

SHS Maclean Team 5

Nominated by Dan Maclean, Teacher at Service High School

What makes this a star project?

This team clearly demonstrated the value of creativity in science in general and in experimental design in particular. They began wondering about how soil types might affect germination and early plant development. As they were thinking about this, they began also thinking about companion planting, making connections with other growing projects we had in our greenhouse and wondering how plants interact with each other chemically. They arrived at quite a nice experiment, investigation how root, bulbs, and leaves from radishes might affect other growing radishes. It is an interesting journey to see the development of their ideas.

How can other teams learn from what this team has done or how they have gone about their project?

This project clearly shows the value and path of creative thinking in experimental design. The students began with their own separate ideas, but began focusing on radishes and soil and whether that soil was sterile or from other crops. This led to questioning alleopathy of growing plants, which led to wondering if radishes can suppress other radishes. The journey through this thinking led to a well defined experiment that was practical to do and had interesting results: the water soluble compounds in radish bulbs decrease the growth of other radishes.

Check their interaction with their mentor and class liaison:

And here are some images from their studies: