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PlantingScience Teacher Resources

Investigation Themes

What type of project do you want your students to explore? Read through 9 PlantingScience Investigation Themes for ideas and topics related to plant growth, reproduction, regulation, and genetics.

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Guide for Teachers and Liaisons

How do I get started? Where do I get started?Review and follow the steps in this guide to set up projects, get students online, and match mentors to project teams.

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Teacher Roadmap

What are the steps through a scientific investigation? Follow the steps through the roadmap here.

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Teacher Handbook

What should a teacher expect? Review the teacher handbook for how PlantingScience works in the classroom.

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Plant Investigation Toolkit

Do you or your students need some basic plant biology research information? These resources range from basic plant care to simple analytical techniques.

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All Resources

Where are the resources for the investigation themes? To quickly find any resource on a particular investigation theme or access consent forms, you can search through this database.

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Questions? Email PlantingScience staff: psteam@plantingscience.org