PlantingScience Projects


A PlantingScience "project" describes the work space where students and their scientist mentors connect.  Each student team has a dedicated space like the one shown here. 

Parts of a PlantingScience Project

ProjectSample1.pngThe Project page is designed to be customizable. Students are welcome to give their project a unique name (1) and customize their space with a photo or image (2). 

Their class information is displayed in a colored banner at the top (3). 

Fields are provided where they report on the major features of their investigation (4)

Students can upload photos and files to this space (5) to share with their mentor as well.

The conversation happens in the Updates Feed (6).  Here students and their scientist mentor exchange messages in which they discuss the investigation, ask questions, and get to know each other.  

Star Projects

Each session, we award 'Star Project' status to those teams whose investigation work, communication with their mentor, and/or use of the PlantingScience platform make them great examples for others to follow. 

You can explore some of our best past projects here:

Star Projects Gallery