PlantingScience Canada

For many years PlantingScience has benefited from Canadian scientist mentors. Now, with help from the Canadian Botanical Association, we are excited to be expanding in Canada and recruiting Canadian elementary and secondary schools so that Canadian students (grades 6 to 12) can also benefit from this international program.

As PlantingScience grows, we are adding alignment between our investigation themes and Canadian elementary and secondary school science curriculum. We anticipate that this page will grow over the next year as more grade levels and investigation themes are added.

If you are a teacher or administrator interested in: 

  • Registering your class or school for PlantingScience
  • Helping to align PlantingScience Investigation Themes with the school standards in your province
  • Or have any questions about PlantingScience in Canada

Please contact:

Julia Nowak
PlantingScience Canada liaison



Expectations based on the Ontario Science Curriculum (Grade 8)

Scientific Investigation Skills and Career Exploration – Ontario Science Curriculum (Grades 9-12)


Alignment with specific Investigation Themes:

The Wonder of SeedsOntario Science Curriculum Expectations (Grades 6-8)

The Wonder of SeedsOntario Science Curriculum Expectations (Grades 9-12)

The Power of SunlightOntario Science Curriculum Expectations (Grades 9-12)