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Explore The purpose of this experiment is to determine the impact of light in the germination growth rate of seeds. Type of light(lamp, sunlight-control, none) is an independent variable. We know seeds will most likely germinate in conditions of sunlight, but not how they will germinate under a lamp light vs. no light. Will there still be the same outcome?
Research Question What will the average germination be considering the condition of light, using lamplight, no light, and sunlight? Will these impact the length of the roots?
Predictions Under these three conditions, more seeds will germinate under the lamplight than no light. Null Hypotheses: Under these conditions, there will be no difference between light and no light on germination.
Experimental Design 1. Saturate the cotton in water 2. Place cotton with 5 seeds(raddish for emma and norah) on top in each bag 3. The bag under the dun will be the control b. One in no light c. One in the lamplight 4. Observe which seeds germinate, the length and how well. Calculate percent germination at the end
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Diana Cost
School Name Wilbraham Monson Academy
Session Spring 2021