wmacostspring2021 project 5

Project by group wmacostspring2021

Explore We are going to be experimenting to see if sound affects the germination and growth patterns of seeds and how this may change the growth of plants in close proximity to cities and largely populated areas.
Research Question How do different frequency’s and sounds affect the germination and growth of a seed.
Predictions If we expose seeds to Sounds, it may affect the growth of roots and affect how the plant develops, it may also affect their growth patterns. If we expose seeds to Sound vibrations and sound waves, it will not affect the growth of plants and their growth patterns.
Experimental Design The experiment includes three trials. The independent variable will be the sound and the dependent variable will be the length of the roots. First trial: rhythmic melody (about 440Hz) Second trial: white noise (low sound frequency = 40Hz) Third trial: white noise (high sound frequency = 20,000Hz) Control: no sound Procedure: 1. Collect our materials: ziploc bags, eight seeds, cotton, water 2. add water 3. Place one to two seeds into each cotton ball. 4. Put each cotton ball into 4 ziploc bags. 5. Each afternoon expose each of our bags to 1 hour of sound frequency. 6. At night, expose each trial to another hour of sound frequency. 7. After the two hours under the sound each day, measure the growth of the roots from the seed in millimeter.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Diana Cost
School Name Wilbraham Monson Academy
Session Spring 2021