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Project by group wmacostspring2021

Explore for our project we are going to be testing if seeds placed inside of a plastic bag with cotton balls inside them can grow using liquids other than water which would include, milk, coffee, seltzer, and gatorade. everyone who is running tests will test two bags with seeds in them, one will be watered with the water and the other bag will be watered with another liquid.
Research Question Will the bean sprouts be able to grow in varied solutions other than water? If so are there changes in height based on different solutions (independent variable) that they are growing from such as energy drink(containing caffeine), water, fruit juice, and sports drink(containing ion)? Other conditions will remain the same.
Predictions Hypothesis If the seeds are placed in liquid other than water then the seeds will not be able to germinate. Null Hypothesis If the seeds are placed in liquid other than water then the seeds will have no effect.
Experimental Design 1. Prepare 2 plastic bags, one for water (control variable), and another for different liquids (independent variable). 2. Place 1 or 2 seeds into each cotton ball. 3. Make cotton balls wet with water and liquids. 4. Seal the top of the plastic bags. 5. Take the bags under the sunlight or UV light. 6. Keep the bags warm at room temperature. 7. Check the cotton balls’ moisture level that makes sure that the balls are not dried out. 8. Collect data of the length and observations of the seed.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Diana Cost
School Name Wilbraham Monson Academy
Session Spring 2021