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Explore We all know that plants heavily depend on water and sunlight to survive. Last year we all learned that plants are responsible for photosynthesis which is the process of inhaling CO2 and then turning it into oxygen. In this class, we discovered that the mass of a plant comes from the carbon inhaled by the plant.
Research Question Where exactly does the mass from the seeds come from? How do they inhale the carbon? How does a gas make a seed heavier? Don't you think it was the water that the seeds get the mass from?
Predictions we think that plant number 1 one will have more mass than the other two plants because its being placed in the sunlight and it is being watered. since the mass of the plant comes from the carbon outside, the plant that is placed inside a cabinet will hardly have any mass, and the plant that is not being watered we think it will dry out.
Experimental Design Step 1: gather materials needed Step 2: place a paper towel in each petri dish Step 3: place one gram of seeds in each dish Step 4:take dish one water it and place it by the window. Step 5: take dish two and water it and place it on a dark cabinet. Step 6: place dish 3 by the window. Step 7: wait 1-2 weeks Step 8:place dishes in drying oven Step 9: weigh the mass Step 10: record data Step 11: show your results in a graph
Investigation Theme Copy POS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name Watsonville High
Session Fall 2020