The Tree Trimers

Project by group ulsdannfall2021

Research Question Do Grosse Pointe lots take up more storm water than Detroit lots?
Predictions We predict that Grosse Pointe lots take up more storm water than Detroit. What leads us to this is because Grosse Pointe tends to have more trees than Detroit does. When driving in Grosse Pointe you see a lot of trees in yards and empty lots. If you drive in Detroit you will see that a lot of people have cut down the trees in their yards and that a lot of the lots that don't have buildings on them are empty.
Experimental Design The very first thing we did to collect data was measure a lot in Grosse Pointe that consisted of 5 trees. You find the diameter by measuring 4.5 feet on the tree starting from the ground and then place a thumb tack in that spot on the tree. We then took a piece of string and wrapped it around the tree once starting and ending where the thumb tack is ( marking both the start and end of the string.) We then measured the distance of the string in inches and divided them by 3.14. We then inserted that number into the National Tree Benefit Calculator and then Collected the information that the website gave us about that tree and the uptake of storm water and put that into a document. We then did the same thing for the Lot in Detroit. The only difference is that In the lot in Detroit Only had 3 trees when the Grosse Pointe had 5 trees.
Investigation Theme TREE
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Elizabeth Dann
School Name University Liggett School
Session Fall 2021