The Seed Shufflers

Project by group svhspererafall2021

Explore we learned that seeds can germinate in various different conditions and different environments. Some seeds can be extremely resistant to changes in environment. We have also learned in class that there are dicots and monocots.
Research Question Does talking to seeds improve their germination rate?
Predictions We believe talking to plants does improve their germination rate because plants are like us, social interaction may help them grow.
Experimental Design Materials:  1. Water 2. Soil 3. Baskets (cups) 4. sunflower seeds 5. Milk container 6. Cotton balls Experimental Steps 1. Fill two baskets with soil 2. Plant and germinate seeds in 2 different baskets 3. Label each basket: Experimental & Controlled 4. Make sure each plant is getting the same amount of sunlight, water, humidity 5. Put one plant in a room where we can talk to it, put the other in a room with no noise. 6. Document the results 
Conclusion At the end of our experiment, our experimental seeds where we talk to them have germinated more successfully than our controlled seeds where we didn't talk to them at all. Our experimental seeds almost had all of the seeds germinate and even the roots started showing and going into the paper towel, only one of the seeds did not germinate at all, as opposed to our controlled, only 2 have germinated, one of the 2 not growing fully, the other 3 did not germinate at all. In conclusion, talking to seeds does help improve the germination rate as opposed to seeds that weren't.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Hemamali Perera
School Name Sierra Vista High School
Session Fall 2021