The Sprouts

Project by group svhspererafall2021

Explore Plants require many nutrients, require sunlight, soil and water. There are multiple types of plants, and many sizes. Plants give up oxygen after taking in carbon dioxide, and help us live. What we learned in class is similar. We learned about fruits and vegetables growing in the school's garden, and how we How long can seeds survive with just water vapor? What happens to a seed that receives too much water? How do cacti survive and plant seeds without any humidity in the desert? What is the the process of a seed changing from a desert habitat to a humid habitat?
Research Question How long can a seed survive with low humidity compared to a seed with a higher humidity percentage?
Predictions With different levels of humidity on each seed, some will grow and some might not grow well.
Experimental Design We are planning to use 3 Buckwheat seeds and separate them into 3 different containers that contain cotton balls as a replacement for soil. We will pour different levels of water into the container, from low-medium-high, and close the containers shut to trap in the humidity. Throughout this experiment, we will collect data in the difference between each seed and watch how quickly & big each seed will grow.
Conclusion The experiment was a success, the plant with the larger amount of humidity grew more than the one with less humidity. In the end they both died do to the lack of sunlight, though.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Hemamali Perera
School Name Sierra Vista High School
Session Fall 2021