Project by group sssindriolospring2017

Explore We have learned that plants need light, moisture, and soil to grow large and healthy. We learned that there are tropisms: geotropism, phototropism, and hydrotropism. We would like to learn how different plants grow in the same conditions.
Research Question We want to test how three different types of seeds grow and what rate they grow if we give them the same amount and type of soil, light, and water. We came up with this question in class when wondering if all of the seeds would grow the same in the same conditions.
Predictions We think that the seeds will grow at different times and at different rates, and some might grow before some even sprout. We think this will happen, because we do not think all plants grow at the same rate.
Experimental Design Pscience Lab Procedure Inquiry Question: Will different seeds change the germination rate? Hypothesis: Yes, each seed will have a different germination rate. Materials: Alfalfa, millet, buckwheat, water, soil, and a pot for each. Step-by-step: Plant each seed in a pot with water and soil and wait for results. Data: Calculate the germination rate for each seed.
Conclusion We have concluded that all plants grow at different rates, because of the heights of the three plants were different after a week. All of our seeds had a 100% germination rate. Next time we could try to vary some of the factors we used like the liquid, where we planted it, or maybe the source or color of light.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name St. Sebastian School
Session Spring 2017