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Project by group shsrobinsonfall2019

Explore Some things we know about plants are the following: - Water has lots of minerals that plants need, so it will affect them if we take it away. - Since plants need glucose, which is sugar, in theory it should grow more rapidly. - Salt water can dehydrate plants. - Plants are green because of a chemical called chlorophyll. And some interesting questions are: - Does the color of the water affect the color of the plant? - If you put sugar in water, does it cause the plant to grow at a faster pace?
Research Question How does adding salt and sugar into the water affect the plants?
Predictions We predict that the sugar water will affect the growth of the plant more immensely.
Experimental Design Our plan is to put 20 milliliters of salt/sugar into 200 milliliters of water and let it dissolve. We will then put 20 milliliters of this water into the plants' bottle each day. The extra water we will cover so it's already premixed for everyday until we need more.
Conclusion The outcome of our experiment didn't necessarily answer our question regarding to saltwater because the saltwater completely killed the pea plants within 2 days. The sugar surprisingly did not increase the growing speed or effect the plants in any way. Control (water without additives) seemed to be the most effective, however which was a bit of a surprise. Overall, the results were not what we expected.