The Backyardigans

Project by group shscasesweeneyposfall2021

Explore Plants take up water through their roots using cohesion and adhesion. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Why do we study plants? What is the purpose?
Research Question If a mutant and normal plant combine genes, can there be a perfect clone?
Predictions Only one combination will be compatible for both of the plants.
Experimental Design Supplies: Two 1-liter jars, Scissors, Distilled water, and Geranium Plant. Plan: Fill the jars up to three-quarters with distilled water. Then cut four healthy stems with from the geranium plant and place two stems with the cut ends facing down into each jar. Put the jars into direct sunlight on a windowsill and make observations about the cut ends of the stems everyday for two to three weeks.
Conclusion Pot 1 Mutation has grown the tallest while the other mutations are smaller and more spread out.
Investigation Theme POS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Carla Case-Sweeney
School Name Santaluces High School
Session Fall 2021