AGA project 19

Project by group shscasesweeneyposfall2021

Explore I know that plants need proper sunlight, water, and healthy soil in order to grow to it's full potential. The environment that the plants are located are extremely important to decide how the plant will grow. For example, the plants in the amazon rainforest grow to be healthy, huge, and green due to the water and sunlight they receive on a daily basis. However, plants in the dessert receive the sunlight but too much. They are given excessive heat and light with not enough water.
Research Question How Does Climate Change affect plants?
Predictions We predict that the rose will react differently based on the condition. The rose's reaction will be mostly negative due to the conditions they will be placed in to conduct the experiment. We believe that the roses will have a negative reaction because of the cold and the hot locations.
Experimental Design Our plan is to have the cut roses placed in different conditions in order to observe and record the results/reactions that they have. We have decided to put one cut rose in a cup under a heat lamp, another rose in a cup in a freezer and the last rose in a cup in a room temperature room. We will measure the health of the plant over a period of time to get preferred results. We will observe all temperatures and the effect the plant has specifically to each one. We will have 6 total roses that will be separated evenly throughout all conditions. Our constants will be the roses that are placed in regular conditions. We will record the time the plants are in their own locations and also the growth of each rose. The information will be placed in an organized table to accurately measure the plants.
Investigation Theme POS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Carla Case-Sweeney
School Name Santaluces High School
Session Fall 2021