Project 6b6: The Earthlings

Project by group sffsporterspring2021

Research Question How does the amount of water given to a seed affect germination?
Predictions The seeds with 10 drops and 40 drops will grow at a similar rate: sprouting the on monday (day three), and continuing to thrive. As for the seeds with no water, they will sprout in the beginning (possibly a small radicle) because they have been soaked, but will not continue growing because we won’t continue to give them water, one of the most crucial parts of growth. Finally, we think that the seeds that are fully submerged will sprout and grow at a slower rate, and maybe even stop growing altogether.
Experimental Design We will be experimenting on Corn and MIllet seeds. Each seed will get 4 Petri dishes. One petri dish will be submerged in water, one without any water whatsoever, one that gets 10 drops a day, and one that gets 40 drops a day.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Jeffrey Porter
School Name San Francisco Friends School
Session Spring 2021