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Explore We learned that photosynthesis only occurs during day and this process needs a light source, a carbon source and water. We want to investigate what light works better during photosynthesis.
Research Question What color works better during photosynthesis?
Predictions We think the green light will work better because it reflects all the other lights and absorbs the green light which we can see.
Experimental Design The materials that we are using is a light source, hole punches, paint brushes, baking soda, colored lights, rulers, syringes, and cups. The independent variables are cups, the carbon sources, the measures and the water. The dependent are the light and the time. The different types of lights.
Conclusion in conclusion, our prediction of the green light working better during photosynthesis was not completely wrong. The green light did work for the leaf disks but the controlled light did work the same as well. Which shows that the green can have the same effect as the controlled light on the leaf disks, which also means that both lights can be used during photosynthesis. The controlled light does work a little faster because the leaf disks floated faster when using the controlled light instead of the green light. To simplify, both green and controlled light are better light for photosynthesis.
Investigation Theme POS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name Paramount High School West Campus
Session Fall 2017