The power of 5

Project by group phsjonesfall2021

Explore In class we have discovered plants need CO2 (carbon dioxide ) in order for photosynthesis to occur .As we did our experiments we had strong and weak reactions from the" radish experiment " to "how does Co2 affect photosynthesis ?" we also know that plants are attracted to the color blue and red .We also know how water and sunlight helps plant growth .Some questions that my groups has about plants would be "what are some other things people look at when studying plant ?" What do interesting about them ? What are some details that are used to describe what plants go through ?
Research Question Does to much sunlight effect the growth of plants ?
Predictions My groups prediction is that to much sunlight can affect the growth of plants because it could possibly cause deadly free radicals (a uncharged molecule having an unpaired valence electron ).
Experimental Design Our experimental design is to see if an black ,pink ,or orange light bulb will change the rate of photosynthesis .We will test how many spinach disk will come up every minute for 10 minutes .We will measure how many disk come up to the colored light bulbs instead of the original light .The variables that remains constant would be the amount of 0.2% baking soda solution and the amount of disk the we place into the solution .We will keep up with our data by using a table that keeps up with the time ,the trial 1,trial ,and the average of those trials .
Conclusion Claim: the white light had a higher rate of photosynthesis Evidence: The white light had a better photosynthesis rate because at the 5 minute mark the white light had 4 disks floating while the pink light had 0 disks floating but disks started to rise. The orange and black light had no rate of photosynthesis so they stayed at zero. The white light has a higher red frequency than the pink light. We chose the blak light because we did not know what colors are all in black so we wanted to see if the black light would change the rate of photosynthesis. We chose the pink light because the pink was close to read so we thought that it would act like red and have a high rate of photosynthesis. The orange light was a wild card because leaf disks do not like the color yellow or green and orange is made of red and yellow so we thought there would be a small rate of photosynthesis. Reasoning: this happened because the white light is a natural light the White light also has a mix of all the colors so the disks are drawn to it for photosynthesis.
Investigation Theme POS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Christine Jones
School Name Powell High School
Session Fall 2021