Effect of nutrient levels on gene expression

Project by group pbchsbartenslagerspring2022

Explore Plants provide oxygen and take in carbon dioxide from the environment. Plants are also green because of the chlorophyl in them. Plants are also made up of cells. From the class we are in we have discovered that plants can be used for biofuels. One of the questions we have is how plants came to be?
Research Question Does varying levels of nutrients effect is to cause gene expression? We don't know much about the topic to relate it to the question.
Predictions We think that there will be more green stems than purple since it is the dominant trait and purple is the recessive. We also think there will be more leaves on the plants with higher level of fertilizer since there will be more nutrients. Also, we think that the leaves will be greener, and the plants will grow taller for the group with more nutrients. The reason is simply that since there is more nutrients for the plants the plants will thrive more than the plant with less nutrients.
Experimental Design We set up our experiment by assembling a bottle growing system. The top of the bottle is inverted like a funnel, and the bottle cap is seated in the bottle reservoir that holds water and nutrients. A water wick is placed through the bottle cap. The variable we are testing is nutrients levels. The variables we will measure and observe is the height of the leaves, color of the stem, and number of trichomes on the plant. Variables we keep constant are the temperature of the soil, the amount of soil we used, and the amount of water in the bottle. We record our data by measuring the height of the plants with a ruler and recording it in our logbooks.
Investigation Theme BRASSICA
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name William Bartenslager
School Name Palm Beach Central High School
Session Spring 2022