Explore We know that plants perform photosynthesis and are decomposed when they die. We also know that plants need water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide to perform photosynthesis. We also know that plants produce glucose and oxygen from the process of photosynthesis.
Research Question Will and incandescent bulb or a LED bulb cause a plant to perform photosynthesis faster?
Predictions We believe that the LED bulb will cause the plants to perform photosynthesis faster then the incandescent bulb. We think that this is because of a more intense light from the LED bulb.
Experimental Design We will fill 2 cups with 3cm and 1 tsp of baking soda in both of the cups. We will also punch out 20 leaf disks out of a spinach leaf and degas the leaves in syringes. We will the place 10 leaf disks in each cup. We will then place one of the cups under a lamp with an incandescent bulb and one cups under a lamp with LED bulb for 15 minutes and count how many disks have floated to the top of each cup.