Explore We know that the leaves on plants are green, but when they die they change to a more brown-ish color. Photosynthesis requires CO2 and stores energy from the sun for future use. How much of an effect does the placement of the lamp have on the speed of the process of photosynthesis? How much of an effect does the depth of the water have on photosynthesis?
Research Question The effect of the depth of water on photosynthesis. We thought about the variables in the project, and this seemed the most interesting. We know when plants perform photosynthesis they need carbon dioxide.
Predictions One of the plants will take longer to rise to the top. We assume this because it will take longer for the light to reach the plants in one cup.
Experimental Design We will have 3 cups with the same substance, water and baking soda, also they also will both have access to the same amount of sunlight. However, the cups will have different filters on them, allowing us to simulate different light levels while still having the same level of water in each cup.