SuperScience Group 15

Project by group othsmikosfall2020

Explore We know the salt water made the celery more flexible and the cells that did expand pushed on the ones that didn't.
Research Question Does adding more salt and letting the celery sit longer make the celery more flexible? We used results from the last lab to make a research question.
Predictions We think that leaving the celery in the salt water longer and adding more salt will make the celery more flexible and give us the best results.
Experimental Design We need 4 pieces of 3 inch celery, 20 tbsp of salt, 4 clear glasses, and 4 cups of water. We will put 1 cup of water in each glass, add 1 cup of water, add 4 tbsp of salt to two cups, and add 6 tbsp of salt to the other cups. Then put them in the fridge. Remove one of the 4 tbsp cups and one 6 tbsp cups after 24 hours, then remove the other cups after 43 hours. The control variables are the glass, the water, and the celery. The independent variable is the time it sits, and the amount of salt. The dependent variable is the flexibility of the celery.