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Research Question How does a simulated forest fire/heat effect the germination and growth of seeds?
Predictions Ian- I think that the heat will react with the seeds and the seeds will grow faster as an evolution feature. Alecz- I think that in the process some of the seeds wont make it through the burning and die. Jess- i think that the majority of the seeds will not grow. Lauren- I predict that the seeds exposed to fire won't be able to grow, or take longer to grow, and the seeds exposed to heat will grow almost normally.
Experimental Design Type of seed being used: soy beans 1. first we will have to prepare the seeds(soaking them overnight then following the procedure for each separate group) 2.then we will prepare the chambers using the half water bottle strategy, we will substitute the water bottle for a glass beaker, put paper towel along the bottom and sides of the beaker, and fill the inside with washed sand(seeds will be placed between the glass beaker and the paper towel). 3. Next we will plant the seeds and take care of them, giving them all the same amount of water(50 ml when first watered to get paper towel and soil wet, then 20 ml daily after that, may vary depending but will be recorded in our observations), soil(to about 75 ml mark in the beaker), light(put along a windowsill) , etc. (everything with the exception of the amount of heat/fire given to the seed before planting) 4. Finally we will observe the growth(amount of stem showing outside of the seed), the amount of heat/fire given to the seedling(how long they were exposed to those elements)growth time (how long it takes for the seedling to start sprouting/stem showing), and record using a chart. Controlled group: Nothing will be done to these seeds, there will be 5 seeds placed inside the chamber Experiment group #1(Heat exposure): The seeds will be put on a watch glass which is placed on top of wire mesh and held over the flame of a Bunsen burner for 20 seconds with a ring clamp and a retort stand, there will be 5 seeds placed inside this chamber Experiment group#2(flame exposure): the seeds will be put on wire mesh and held over the flame by a ring clamp and retort stand over the flame of a Bunsen burner, there will be 5 seeds placed inside the chamber.
Conclusion We concluded that when seeds are exposed to a flame or heat they will die(not germinate or grow), or more specifically soybean seeds exposed to a flame or heat for 20 seconds. This brings up the question, what kind of effects will happen to seeds in the wild when they are in a forest fire and exposed to flames or heat for a longer amount of time? The reason we came up to this conclusion was because both the flame and heat exposed group did not germinate or grow, where as the controlled group did germinate and grow.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name Orillia Secondary School
Session Spring 2017