The Amazing Aloe's

Project by group nsbuzzellfall2021

Explore Plants grow into trees sometimes. Plants can give us food like bananas. Most of the time plants grow from trees. Plants to grow use photosynthesis. We haven't learned a lot about plants because we have just started but we are learning about leaf chromatography today. I don't know if all plants grow on trees and I would like to know.
Research Question For our research question, we are going to see how blacklights affect plants/plant's growth.
Predictions If we shine a blacklight on a plant it will majorly stunt it's growth because it doesn't have as much U.V. rays. If we shine a blacklight on a plant it will kill the plant because it has almost no U.V. rays.
Experimental Design For materials, we will need a medium-sized box, blacklight on top facing plant medium-sized box, 32, buckwheat seeds, 8 pots, and a cup of soil for each pot. Our first step is we will put the water in the soil and mix it. Secondly, we will put the seeds in and put a black light on top of a box facing the 16 buckwheat seeds that are inside the box. Our third step is we will set up 16 controlled variables with everything in normal growing conditions. Our fourth step is we will water the buckwheat every other day for 25 milliliters and we will also give it 2.75 -inch deep soil. Our final step is we will see if the plants have survived our experiment and if they are, we will see if it has been very slow to grow or has very little growth.
Conclusion Our prediction was that blacklight will affect plants’ growth negatively. We predicted the blacklight will stunt the plant’s growth, weaken it, then it will die. Our prediction was not supported although the weakened the plant was true, the blacklight plants would actually grow taller. Some plants did die but that was for other reasons, the seeds caps fell off because we touched them too much. Blacklight plants on average grew 3.45 centimeters taller than controlled plants, it was 13.5 for blacklight and 10.05 for control. This is the average overall though, it combines all dates for the groups of plants. Our first batch of plants, we accidentally drowned them. In our second group, however, we had an error where the blacklight broke and we had to find a new one. This means the blacklight was off for a day. We also had too little soil for our first batch which added to the drowning part. Maybe next time we could see how different water types do to the plant.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Rebecca Buzzell
School Name Nottingham School
Session Fall 2021