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Morgan Treeman

Project by group nebuzzellspring2019

Explore All of us have garden at home with all different kinds of plants, we have different kinds of jobs to take care of the garden, for example we help weed, we water the garden. most plants are green because because of the pigment in chloroplasts they absorbs the blue a red light and then reflects the green color. And all plants are producers, and the food system rely on the producers for food. There are aquatic plants and there and plants that are on land, both of them go through photosynthesis. And all plants have Eukayoric cells. Is there a certain age that plants have to be before they can reproduce. and does the size of the seeds affect the size of the plant.
Research Question How will different types of soil affect plant germenation. - Potting soil - Sand - Dirt
Predictions We think that if we put the buckwheat seeds in potting soil it will germinate the best. It holds the most nutrients and is the best environment for the seeds. If the seeds are put in dirt we think it will work decent but not as good as the potting soil. The sand will work the worst because it doesn’t hold nutrients and water for the seeds to germinate as well as dirt or potting soil.
Experimental Design Materials: 1. Potting soil 2. Sand 3. Dirt 4. Buckwheat Safety:We will use goggles to handle the plants and wash our hands after dealing with the plants. Procedure: 1. first we are going to get the different soils: Sand, Dirt, Potting soil. 2. We will use one cup of each soil in each pot. 3. We will put 4 seeds of buckwheat in each pot of different soils. 4. The seeds will be put in a ½ inch into the soil. 5. We will water the plants with ⅕ cup of water every other day and take care of them accordingly. 6. Then we are going to see which of the plants germinate the best and fastest.
Conclusion Our project was about how different kinds of soil affect plant germination, And the plant that we used for our project was buckwheat. And the three different soils that we used was potting soil dirt and sand. Our hypothesis was that the potting soil would grow the best out of them and we were correct. when we were getting our soils we accidentally got some clay in our dirt. When we first planted our soils it took them like 2 weeks for them to sprout. And the first plant that sprouted was the potting soil then the sand, it took the dirt a little bit longer to sprout because the clay kept hareding on the top of the dirt. near the end of the project the potting soil plants and the plants in the sand were dying. We think that our hypothesis was overall correct. This was a interesting project and we are glad that we were able to do it.
Investigation Theme WOS
Session Spring 2019
School Nottingham School
Student Level(s) Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)