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The Pearl Millet's

Project by group nebuzzellspring2019

Explore Hi we are the Pearl Millet!! We know some things about plants including they need nutrients, sunlight, water, soil, and good conditions to grow. We also know that plants vary in sizes and types and there are many types of plants you can eat! We also know the plants can do cool things like using photosynthesis to produce its own food. And finally, we also know that plants give off oxygen which we need and without it we wouldn't be able to live for long.
Research Question Our research question is, can pearl millets grow in different water temperatures? We want to test this by putting all the plants under the same regular light, but watering each plant with different temperature water. For example, plant 1 will be watered with cold water; plant 2 will be watered with room temperature water, and plant 3 will be watered with hot water.
Predictions Our predictions are: the room temperature plant will grow perfectly, the cold plant will have some problems growing such as being very slow, and lastly the hot plant might just be dehydrated.
Experimental Design Things that we need: 1 cup of soil in each pot. 18 seeds 6 pots scissors tape marker 1/4 cup of water for each plant Design plan: we will put all the plants in the same spot so that they are under the same light. Then we will water the plants every other day with plant 1 being watered with cold, plant 2 being watered with room temperature, and plant 3 will be watered with hot.
Conclusion Our prediction was that the room temp water plant would grow perfectly but the cold water plant would have some troubles growing it might grow slowly and the hot water plant might dehydrate. Our hypothesis was wrong only at first one of the cold water plants had trouble growing and the hot water plants didn’t dehydrate but the room temp water plants grew perfectly. Our data showed that the hot water Pearl Millet grew the fastest, the cold water pearl millet had an an average growth and the room temp water plant grew the slowest. Pot one for hot water plants had a growth of 283 mm tall and pot two for hot water plants had a growth of 190 mm tall, pot one for cold water plants were 259 mm tall and pot two for cold water plants were 257 mm tall, and pot one for room temp plants were 209 mm tall and pot two was 290 mm tall. The hot water plants grew at an average of 286.5 mm, the cold water plants grew at an average pace and was an average of 258 mm and the room temp water plants grew the slowest it’s average was 249.5 mm. The hot water plants was 28.5 mm taller than the cold water plants and the hot water plants were 37 mm taller than room temp plants and the cold water plants are 8.5 mm taller than room temp plants. We found these results and think it these results happen because our group carefully watered and measured our plants and put them somewhere so that it gets enough sunlight. Not watering the plants on the days that we were supposed may of effected the plants growth. We didn’t forget to do anything with the plants. We had to improve on my watering skills later on because we used to much water for the plants we started off using ¼ cup of water and that was way to much it started to wilt the plants so then we decided to use ⅛ cup of water instead maybe if we would have started off watering the plants with ⅛ cup of water the plants wouldn’t of wilted. We would like to investigate more in the future how much water your supposed to give to pearl millet and how much sunlight the plants need to grow. Knowing more about how much water you give a plant and what days you give the plant water will help us keep plants alive longer. We should repeat the experiment to see if less water would help the plants not wilt and see if more sunlight would help the plant grow faster and taller.
Investigation Theme WOS
Session Spring 2019
School Nottingham School
Student Level(s) Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)