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Hammer Thyme

Project by group nebuzzellspring2019

Explore Gavin- Plant a garden every year, plant potted flowers. Some questions I have are: does spray paint change the growth of a plant? Why doesn't cutting grass with a lawnmower kill the grass? Jack- My mommy Likes to plant gardens and I sometimes help out. I was wondering if different air temperature affects the growth of a plant? Also, do soundwaves affect the growth of a plant? Gage- In second grade we had to grow plants and I grew a plant.
Research Question How does 24 hrs. of light rather than 1hr and 7.5 hrs. effect the leaves and the growth of the nasturtium plants.
Predictions we think that the 24 hours one will die because the water will dry out. The plants with 1 hour will die because they are lacking sunlight. The one with normal sunlight will be the best one out of all of them.
Experimental Design Safety: Do not eat any part of a plant or seed used in the lab Wash hands thoroughly after handling any part of a plant When in nature do not pick any wild plants unless your teacher instructs you to do so Procedure: Put 1 cup of potting soil in each pot Press 2 seeds 1 inch deep into each pot Moisten the soil with water Label one with 24 hrs. And put it under the light Label another with 7.5ish hrs. And put it on the window sill Label the last one with 1 hr. And put it under the light but take it out after 1 hr.
Conclusion We thought that when testing the impact of different amounts of sunlight nasturtium from plants, the 24 hour plant will die because the water will dry out and it will shrivel, the plants with 1 hour will die because they are lacking sunlight, and finally, The one with normal sunlight will be the best one out of all of them. this is because plants get normal sunlight when they're living outside so we thought that's the one that was like it was living outside would grow the best. in the end, we found out that the 24-hour plant grew best, therefore our prediction/hypothesis was not supported. The reason the 24-hour plant grew best was that seedlings need lots of light to start off and because we had a lot of cloudy days and cloudy days affect the growth of the control and 1-hour plants. We first had a growth on April 28th. On this day we had one seed that grew. that seed was 1 Hour pot 1. in the end the average of the 1-hour plants was 21.5, our 24-hour pot average was 12.625 and finally, our control pot average was 13.625. We got these results because we forgot to water the plants a couple of times so this may have affected our results because different amounts of water could impact growth. We would like to investigate more about the same experiment in the future but with different types of plants in the future because different plants might cause different results. And in some places such as Alaska, they only get a certain amount of light during the day so if they had a greenhouse then they could use this information to figure out if they could grow nasturtium in their Greenhouse. they can't grow anything in Alaska because it is cold so that is why they would need a greenhouse in certain plants from the light difference.
Investigation Theme WOS
Session Spring 2019
School Nottingham School
Student Level(s) Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)