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Project by group nebuzzellspring2019

Explore We know that plants grow and develop and they give off oxygen we also know that they feed organisms and they reproduce by seeds or spores. One of our group members has a garden who plants and water the plants there. She knows how to plant the seed by making a short hole about one inch and then putting the seed in it and putting the dirt over it. In class and background research we have found that you can't plant two seeds right next to each other, we also found out that some seeds can be as small as a particle of dust well others can be one foot long, plants need sunlight, water, oxygen, and nutrients to grow, plants are made of eukaryotic cells, plant cells are different from animal cells because they have a cell wall and chloroplast
Research Question How does soil salinity effect seed germination?
Predictions Our prediction is that plant #1 will grow the best because it contains no salt, #2 will grow a little worse than the #1 because it has 14.1 grams of salt, and lastly #3 will grow the worst because it has 28.3 grams of salt.
Experimental Design The variables that we will test is how does soil salinity affect seed germination? The variables that we will measure and observe is how well the plant grows like how tall plant #2 and #3 is compared to plant #1 and how the plant #2 and #3 is compared to plant #1. The variables that we are going to keep constant is the salt in the soil because our experiment takes time. We are going to water the plants with the same amount of water at the same time, and they all will have the same amount of sunlight as well. We will record our data with our mentor and in our science journals we are going to record our data when there are changes in the plant.