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Corny Soybeans

Project by group nebuzzellspring2019

Explore We know that plants grow on land and in water. We also know that some plants are edible, and some are not. Plants come in different shapes and sizes. We learned that plants can’t have too much water. How do seedless plants grow? What is the difference between corn and soybean plants? Will a seed grow in a cup and water and light?
Research Question Will giving plants 24 hours of artificial light make plants grow faster than 12 hours of sunlight?
Predictions If, we shine the natural light on the seed for 12 hours and the artificial light for 24 hours, then their growth will be the same because natural light is more powerful, but we will shine the natural light less than the artificial light.
Experimental Design Materials- Lamp, soil, 8 pots, 8 corn seeds, 8 soybean seeds, water, sun, tape, and Sharpie Procedure- Four pots, one has two soybean seeds, one has two soybean seeds, one has two corn seeds, and the last one has two corn seeds, will be in the sunlight next to the window. The same setup will be next to a lamp which will provide the artificial light. The two plants in each pot will be planted one inch down and 3 inches apart. To water the plants, we we will see if the the soil is dry. If it is, we will water the plants.