The Practical Pears

Project by group nebuzzellspring2018

Explore we know that plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen that we breathe in. I also know that plants go through a process called photosynthesis. Finally, I know that plants have cells. we have our own garden in the spring and we grow fruits and vegetables. In research, I would want to know how to grow plants with different experiments.
Research Question will soybeans grow in an aquaponics garden tower system grow faster than soybeans in the regular potting soil?
Predictions We think the plants in the garden tower will grow taller and healthier because the tower has 24 hours of artificial light, has water infused with chemicals to help the soy beans grow, and has a special type of planting soil called Rockwool. Rockwool is rocks blended up. For plants, we are planting soybeans. The soil also has nutrients in but not as much as the garden tower. The garden tower has a blend of tower tonic and mineral blend in the water. The soybeans in the soil are also being watered with just plain water.
Experimental Design Our design is going to be five soybeans in the garden tower and five soybeans under the grow lights in the soil. The materials we will need is planters, five slots in the tower garden, five chunks of Rockwool, tower tonic which has nitrogen, calcium, and iron, material blend which has phosphate, potash, magnesium, sulfur, boron, copper, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, soil, 20 soybeans, water, and grow lights. The garden tower has artificial lights that are on 24hours a day. The garden tower we will be needing a certain material which is called tower tonic and mineral blend that is put in the water. The garden tower will be misting water on its own. The garden tower we put two soybeans in each piece of Rockwool. So in total, the garden tower will have 10 soybeans in all. The planters we used for the soil has a base of 8cm and a height of 11 1/2 cm. We will need to fill five planters with soil. Then put the seed in and cover with soil and water. We put two soybeans in each planter and put each one two inches deep. So in total, we will have a total of 10 soybeans in all. We can measure the plants when they start growing by centimeters. We will also be recording our data in a data table, on planting science, and be taking pictures.
Conclusion The claim that we can make from our experiment is that the plants in the soil grew healthier and taller. The possible explanations for our results are that three plants in the tower died and two snapped. The data we collected is based on the plant's height and does not support our claim. Our claim was that the plants in the tower will have healthier and taller plants.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name Nottingham Elementary
Session Spring 2018