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Project by group nebuzzellspring2018

Explore We know that plants need a variety of things-- such as oxygen, water, and sunlight. we have also discovered that plants tend to be multicellular and are usually eukaryotic
Research Question We want to study how the plant of Buckwheat develops, and how long it takes for the seeds to germinate after being planted, and under which methods of watering will be most efficient for plant growth We came up with the "question" by looking at the provided list of plants that we could study and chose one that we thought was most intriguing.
Predictions We believe that, with the amount of water provided being 20ml every other day, the control group will grow the most and the most efficiently over the course of our project.
Experimental Design Our plan is to plant a 45 buckwheat seeds, and see how long it takes them to germinate, and exactly how many actually do germinate. Next, we will study how long the plants grow across different amounts of time, as well as seeing how different amounts of water. we will be using Solo Cups (15), Forty-five California Buckwheat seeds (3 per cup) . The variable that we will be changing is the amounts of water we give the plants. Our control group will be receiving 20 milliliters of water every other day. Our next group will be receiving ten milliliters every week, and our last group will be receiving thirty milliliters every day. Our goal by doing this is to learn which method will help the plants to grow the fastest.
Conclusion Our hypothesis, which was that the Control group, (20ml/every other day), would provide the plants with the most efficient growth. It turns out that our Flood group, (30ml/day) grows the most efficiently, rather than the control group in which we thought would be the most successful group. To conclude, as stated above, our hypothesis was not supported. Our only explanations are that the plants in this group received more nutrients and more water. Some future experiments that could be done may include just how quickly the buckwheat grows per day, and what balance of water and other nutrients may be most efficient.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name Nottingham Elementary
Session Spring 2018