Project by group msasdkesslerfall2017

Explore Plants need water to live and grow. Plants need the sunlight to grow. Plants can be green. Most plants grow in soil. Plants need space to grow.
Research Question Our research question is, how will plants grow depending on how much light that they get, direct, indirect, and no light. This fits in with what we know about the topic because we know that most plants need light to grow better. We came up with this question because Mr. Kessler said it and we said that it sounded cool and we are going to try it.
Predictions We think that the plants will grow best in direct sunlight. The plant with the indirect sunlight will probably grow too but not as healthy and the one with no sunlight might not grow at all.
Experimental Design Our plan is to put one seed outside in direct sunlight. Another seed inside with indirect sunlight, and one seed with no sunlight at all. The variables we will test is how much the plant will grow depending on how much sunlight it gets. We will record our data on how much growth rate there is.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name Magnolia Science Academy San Diego
Session Fall 2017