Project by group mhsmirandaspring2019

Explore we know that they produce oxygen and we give them carbon dioxide. We also know that there's a plant life cycle, it starts off as a seed, goes into a young plant and then into a mature plant after it becomes a flower and finally produces a fruit or vegetable. We discovered that there are different type of soils.
Research Question We want to test different type of soils like rubber mulch, worm casting and soil with woodchips. We also want to test how much water is being kept inside, and how much is being dropped.
Predictions A possible outcome would be that our plants will not grow as we expected them to grow.
Experimental Design Our plan is to grow plants by using different type of soils and measuring the water. We will be testing soils and how much water gets lost when watering the plant. We will record in our notebooks by sketching our ideas.
Investigation Theme AFW
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name Mendota High School
Session Spring 2019