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mhsmirandaspring2019 project 6

Project by group mhsmirandaspring2019

Explore We know that plants have different uses. Some are used for medicine, and food. They use photosynthesis to eat and form, in exchange they give us oxygen to breathe. Something has to come out of growing a flower/fruit/vegetable.
Research Question We want to test how plants react to different types of soil. we came up with these questions by brainstorming with my colleagues. The questions we have fit with the topic because we are trying to go more in deep on how agronomy works and our project reflects that.
Predictions We predict that the radishes are going to prefer one soil over the other. For example, the radishes in clay soil are probably more likely to grow more than the other three soils.
Experimental Design Our plan is to take three different types of soil (Loamy, Shaver, Mulch). We are going to plant a radish in each of the different types of soil. The purpose is to see how a radish plant will react to the different types of soil. We are planning to water them equally and take care of them equally. We are trying to prove that some plants prefer some soils over others. We will record our data daily to see how our plants are reacting. Since there is four of us, each one of us will focus on all the soils.
Investigation Theme AFW
Session Spring 2019
School Mendota High School
Student Level(s) High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)