MHS Project 3

Project by group mhsmirandaspring2019

Explore My classmates and I have no knowledge about plants from our experiences outside of school. After the research, we learned that soil is a major source of nutrients needed by plants to growth. Soil are made up of four main parts: mineral solids, air, water and organic matter.
Research Question What is the impact different worm species have on soil and thus plant growth?
Predictions Due to the fact that we will be conducting this experiment twice we will be able to see possibly the same results or two different ones. Our prediction is that the container with the 3 earthworms will speed up the growth of the plant making it the one to grow radishes first. The container with the night crawlers will be the second fastest to grow radishes. Lastly, the control container with no worms will be the slowest to grow radishes.
Experimental Design We will have six seeds and three equally sized containers to plant our radish seeds, two seeds in each container. The soil will be basic organic soil no miracle grow or anything like that. We will plant the seeds in each container. #1 will be the control, no worms. #2 will have 3 earthworms. #3 will have 3 night crawlers. We will perform this experiment two separate times at the same time so that way we can average out our results and make sure we do not have a bad seed in one of the groups that affects our experiment negatively.
Conclusion A claim we can make as a team is that the container with the 3 earthworms will have a quicker growth than the container containing the night crawlers. Possible explanations for our result is that we believe red worms are more beneficial when it comes to soil and we have come to the conclusion that our radishes will grow at a quicker pace with them.
Investigation Theme Copy AFW
Session Spring 2019
School Mendota High School
Student Level(s) High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)