Project by group mhskeelerspring2018

Explore What would happen if you changed the soil pot? What would different bugs do to the plants? What happen if all the sunlight was taken away?
Research Question Would the buckwheat plants still germinate if they aren't subject to sunlight?
Predictions I don't think they will grow-Kayden I don't think they will grow-Lizzy
Experimental Design Our plan is to plant the Buck wheat in plastic bags with a wet paper towel.Our control group will be in the full light while the other groups are locked in a cupboard.Our materials are plastic bags,Paper towel,Water,Cupboards,Sunlight/another light.
Conclusion Did the Buckwheat and Alfalfa grow?Yes it did!So in conclusion our hypothesis were wrong the plants did grow.The sunlight ones show a 4 inch(10.16 cm) difference from day 1 and the sunless ones show a 3.2 inch (1.128 cm)difference from day 1!That's the buckwheat,we ended up doing some Alfalfa plants too.The sunlight ones show a 1.2 inch(3.048 cm) difference from day one and the sunless ones show a 1.4 inch (3.556 cm)difference.We collected data for 5 days plus the weekend.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name Marion Jr/Sr High School
Session Spring 2018