Just your Stereotypical Science Experiment

Project by group lostinderfall2020

Explore We've discovered that plants grow best in sunlight and in moist soil but don't do well in dry climates. How are different plants affected by their environment?
Research Question How will the amount of water affect the plants' growth rate? we came up with this question because the element we're controlling is water so we thought we would do a question related to that. Also, we've been studying plants' growth rates so we thought it would be a fitting question.
Predictions I think that the drowning plant won't grow much, the perfect plant will probably grow to a spout, and the dehydrated or dry plant will grow a bit more than the drowning plant. We think this will happen because obviously, the perfect plant will grow more than the other two.
Experimental Design We are each planting three seeds in 10 inches of soil in different cups. One of them we are drowning, so we are giving the plant an inch of water a day. Another one we are dehydrating and we're giving it an inch of water every two weeks. Lastly, we're growing a perfect one so we are going to water it once a week.