Peas That Plant People

Project by group lostinderfall2020

Explore Most of us have a garden, where we plant plants such as basil or lemon trees. We have discovered how seeds work, and we would like to know how much water plants can take before they die.
Research Question How will different amounts of water affect the growth of a pea plant?
Predictions We predict that the control plants will thrive and the other plants will not do so well, except for the one that will be watered 129 milliliters. We think this will happen because we know that if plants get too little or too much water they will die, and we think 43 and 173 milliliters might be too little and too much water, respectively.
Experimental Design We will each have two pea plants. One is a control plant, and with the other, we will all water different amounts. All of us will give our pea plant 60 milliliters of soil. The control plant will be watered 86 milliliters per week. The other plants will be watered 129 milliliters, 173 milliliters, and 43 milliliters per week. We will each place both plants in an area that gets the same amount of sunlight, and we will each use the same soil.