The Planters

Project by group lostinderfall2020

Explore We do a lot of planting in school, and also have a school garden that we used in 2nd grade.
Research Question We want to know what happens if we grow our plants in rocks and dirt that's mostly wood chips. Which will be taller? Which one needs more water? Will one of them even grow?
Predictions I personally think that the wood chips will be taller than the rocks because the wood chips might be dry but when you add water it becomes wet. Also, the woodchips are lighter than the rocks which might allow the plant to rise better than the rocks because of all the weight. I'm worried about the fact that the plant could get crushed due to the weight.
Experimental Design We will grow them then every couple of days record height, color, and shape. We will also take note and compare each of the plants when we check them.