lostinderfall2020 project 4

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Explore Watering a plant's leaves isn't good for it, so try to avoid them. Plants need lots of sunlight, but some types enjoy shade. Seeds don't always germinate, so it's good we're using several. Pollinators are good for flowers, but I'm not sure if our lentils will have grown flowers by the time this project is over.
Research Question How does water temperature affect plants' growth? We are growing golden lentils (or Lens esculenta).
Predictions The room temperature water might work best because if the water is too hot or too cold then it might damage the plant.
Experimental Design 1 cup of soil in glass cup Stick in finger halfway and put in 2 lentil seeds per cup and cover-up Two tablespoons of water once a week (2 hot, 2 cold, 2 room temp) Put near window Water every Thursday or Friday