The sprouts

Project by group lostinderfall2020

Research Question How will the temperature in the room change how a pea plant grows?
Predictions I think the plant growing in warmer temperatures will grow better because it seems like it would be a healthier climate for the type of plant that we are doing the experiment with (pea plant). In addition in the past plants have been known to have their leaves fall in the winter and have their leaves green in the summertime which is a warm v.s cold
Experimental Design 1.We will put one pea seed into 10 cm of soil. (plant half an inch from the surface of the soil) 2.Then we will do the same two the second seed 3.Then put the plants in two separate rooms one warmer and one colder room. 4.Next,l water the seed 2 days a week ( 1.5 inches at least) 5.Record the results.