YDKF #14

Project by group loscashmanfall2021

Explore The plant that we will be doing is called the Pea plant. We know that plants need pollinators, Sun, water and good soil. We also know that they do photosynthesis and many other things such as produce seeds along with fruits.
Research Question We came up with these questions by just simply wondering about these things and wanting to know more about plants.
Predictions 1.We think that the plant will probably die or it‘ll adapted the the chemicals that are introduced to it. 2.We think that the plant will either be eaten by the insect and the bacteria will take over the plant. 3.We think that the plant will adapt to most of the soils and we also think that the water will get contaminated with some sort of bacteria.
Experimental Design We would like to see how the plant reacts to artificial/ un natural ingredients like soap water, and other chemical liquids. We will have 4 different plants, one will be introduced to soap, the other will be introduced to hand sanitizer , and the third plant will be introduced to dye or watered down acrylic paint, the last plant will only be watered by water and water only. (The first 3 plants will still be watered with water but the water will be mixed with the chemical they were assigned to) We would also like to see how the plant would react to certain insects and bacteria that are introduced to it. last but not least we would like to introduce different types of soil for planting like clay, sand, loam, sandy oil, silt, chalky, peaty, alkaline soils water. We will probably have 3-6 plants all with different types of soil.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Neil Cashman
School Name Live Oak School
Session Fall 2021