The Pansies- Project 9

Project by group lmcgoshgarianfall2019

Explore They grow from water and sun. I learned that don't overwater or else it will stunt your plants growth.
Research Question If soda will help plants grow. We wanted to see if soda would help a plant grow.
Predictions That water will live and soda will die. We think that because soda has a lot of sugar and water is purified.
Experimental Design To water a plant with soda and one with water. We will measure a plant everyday for about two weeks. We will record it on a piece of paper.
Conclusion That soda does not work well for water plants. Farmers or any person thats growing plants should not use soda. We could've went longer to see if the soda would've grew.
Investigation Theme AFW
Grade Level Elementary School (5th grade)
School Name Lake Michigan Catholic
Session Fall 2019