Tangy Tangerines- Project 5

Project by group lmcgoshgarianfall2019

Explore Some plants are poisonous and some are not. Even the brightest of plants can be deadly.-Bella There are lots of plants and flowers in the world. I like learning about house and indoor plants. I have my own succulent.-Greta
Research Question What will happen if we put saltwater in the water for the plant?
Predictions We thought that the plants wouldn't grow in the saltwater very well. What we didn't know that the salt would cover the top of the plant like snow.
Experimental Design Our plan is to put ten percent salt water into our salt water. We will leave one plant to spare so that we can see the difference in our plants. We will have 5 plants.
Conclusion Our conclusion is that when you put salt water in plants they won't grow.
Investigation Theme AFW
Grade Level Elementary School (5th grade)
School Name Lake Michigan Catholic
Session Fall 2019